True History of Pakistan

April 5, 2016


Pakistan lies in the Arctic Western allotment of South Asia. It is belted by China in the North, Afghanistan in the North-West, Iran in South-West, Arabian Sea and Indian Sea in the South and India in the East. Pakistan, as evident, is amid at the basic of South Asia, Axial Asia, and the Middle East authoritative it an simple bond point amid Axial Asia and South Asia.

There accept been cogent clearing movements, in the areas now basic Pakistan aback pre-historic times. The humans of Pakistan are bearing of altered ancestral groups and sub-racial stocks, who entered the subcontinent over the accomplished 5000 years, mainly from axial and western Asia from time to time. Yet clashing the accepted misconception, it consistently maintained its character and individuality abstracted from its acquaintance India who claimed that Pakistan was a allotment of Aakhand Bharat (Undivided India) on the base of history. Hence its allotment from India is absolutely unjustified. But bags of years of history of the sub-continent tells a altered story. It tells us that the areas alleged Pakistan today had consistently remained as a single, bunched and a abstracted bounded and political article aback age-old times.

Few humans would be acquainted of the accurate history of Pakistan still; few would apperceive that the oldest rock apparatus in the world, dating aback to 2.2 actor years was begin at Rabat, about fifteen afar abroad from Rawalpindi and the better duke Axe was begin in the Soan Valley. And to top it all, the website of the aboriginal acclimatized action in the apple dating aback to the 8th millennium BC has been begin at Mehergarh in the Sibi districts of Balochistan. Although Pakistan, as an absolute country dates alone from August 14th, 1947 and the nation itself can trace its ancestry alone to a few centuries ago, yet the territories of Pakistan are beneficiary to one of the richest and the oldest civilizations and settlements of the world.

Indus Valley Civilization

The Indus Valley Acculturation or the Harappan Civilization[i] is one of the a lot of alluring and the oldest civilizations anytime known. It flourished amid 3000 and 1500 BC by the banks of River Indus or Sind in Pakistan. This acculturation existed forth the Indus River in present day Pakistan with its basic centers at Mohenjodaro in Sind, Harappa in the Punjab, Kej in the Baluch breadth and Judeiro Daro in the Pathan region. It is about believed that the citizenry of Indus Valley Acculturation were Dravidians who came to sub-continent from eastern Mediterranean.

This acculturation accomplished its acme about the two city-limits centers of Mohenjodaro and Harappa. These cities are able-bodied accepted for their impressive, organized and approved layout. They were the centers of arts and crafts. According to John Marshal, the Harappan humans were association and acclimated the Dravidian accent [ii] which is one of the world’s aboriginal accepted languages. Their arch action was agronomics and trade. The acculturation is notable for its able axial government, faculty for art and architectonics and abode planning.

Flood is advised to be the boner of this ability due to which agronomics got disrupted and barter routes afflicted which led majority of the citizenry to drift to added abundant lands. Those who were larboard abaft fell victim to the Aryan invasion. The acculturation lasted for fifteen hundred years.

Arrival of the Aryans

In about 1700 BC, Indus Valley humans saw the accession of new horse-riding nomads from Axial Asia arch to the closing abatement of their affluent and adult Indus Civilization. The Aryans came in at atomic two above after-effects in Pakistan. The aboriginal beachcomber came about 2000 BC and the additional beachcomber came at atomic six centuries later. It was afterwards the additional beachcomber of Aryans aggression that they became ascendant and their accent advance over the absolute above and above of the region. They entered through the Swat Valley from the northwest abundance passes and pushed the bounded humans or the Dravidians (the humans of Indus Civilization) southwards or appear the jungles and mountains in north. They acclimatized aboriginal in Punjab and Indus Valley and afresh advance eastward and southward. Clashing Indus humans Aryans were barbarian race. Their religious texts and animal charcoal advance that the Aryans were agitated in their invasions. They dead the citizenry and burnt their cities. A agnate appearance was opined by Stuart Piggot in his book Pre-historic India:

“The Aryan appearance was in actuality the accession of barbarians into a arena already awful organized into an authority based on a connected accustomed attitude of association burghal culture”.

Besides getting athletic fighters Aryans were aswell accomplished farmers and craftsmen. They were the worshippers of attributes and their religious books were alleged Vedas. Aryans were tall, able-bodied and; had adorable appearance and fair appearance while the citizenry of Indus Valley were black, burst nosed and of abbreviate stature. The Indus humans submitted to the above Aryans and became their slaves. This actuality afterwards became the base of Caste arrangement in adjustment of ahead such as Brahmans (priest) Kashatryas (warriors) and Vaisyas (business association and commoners). The Dravidians were placed in fourth and termed as Sudras (slaves).

Persian Empire

In the 6th aeon BC, Darius invaded Pakistan and fabricated the Indus apparent and Gandhara allotment of his Persian Authority of the Achaemenid, with his basic at Persepolis in Iran. It was from afresh advanced that the city-limits of Taxila began to abound and the arena saw the acceleration of addition abundant acculturation alleged the Gandhara Acculturation accoutrement a lot of of the arctic Pakistan with capitals at both Pushkalavati (Charsadda) and Takshka-sila (Taxila).

As allotment of the Persian Empire, the arena already afresh rose to zenith. Barter with Iran and the west resumed already again, abridgement flourished, weapons and added altar of circadian use were produced. Charsadda and Taxila became the centers of activity. One of the greatest universities of the age-old apple was founded at Taxila. It was at this university that Chandra Gupta Maurya got his education, who afterwards founded the Maurya Authority in South Asia. This affluent Achaemenian Authority that connected from Pakistan to Greece and Egypt, however, burst beneath the aggression of Alexander of Macedonia.

Alexander’s Invasion

Alexander entered Pakistan from the arctic avenue at Swat and baffled the Gandharan arena amid 327 and 325 BC. He accomplished Taxila first. The Raja of Taxila alive Alexander’s all-inclusive army’s acceptability gave him a acceptable instead of resistance. Alexander backward at Taxila for ancient afresh came above Raja Porus who was the adjudicator of the territories east of Jehlum. He afresh went up to River Beas from breadth his army banned to go further, so he afresh came down through the absolute above of Pakistan, above the Hub River abreast Karachi and ancient for home dying on the way. Alexander’s aggression brought Greek ability and science to Taxila.

Up till actuality it is notable that during anniversary settlements and invasions may that be of the Indus Valley Civilization, Aryans or during the bisected a millennium aeon afterwards Aryan’s migrations and during the Persian Empire, Pakistan consistently stood as a abstracted article from India and the aeon covered by these settlements is about 2200 years.

Mauryan Empire

Alexander’s abortive annihilation at Babylon in 323 B.C resulted in the breakdown of his all-inclusive authority in to two locations (The Byzantine Authority and Bacterian Greeks). The ascendancy of this arena accordingly fell into the easily of built-in dynasties and tribes. Chandragupta Maurya was the architect of Maurya Authority who marched into the Gangetic plains, defeated the Nanda Kings and accustomed a able government at a abode alleged Magadha (present Bihar). However, it should be acclaimed that he disqualified from India but he was a son of Potohar arena and a Prince of Taxila. He followed Jainism. His grandson Ashoka was a Buddhist.

As the Mauryan rulers did not took into Hinduism and answer either Jainism or Buddhism, they became accountable to Hindu’s criticism. Hindu’s through their artful and cabal managed to put an end to Mauryan Absolutism and instead gave bearing to Brahman agent absolutism of Singhas followed by Kanvas and Indras. These dynasties disqualified southern and axial India but accepted to be anemic and abbreviate lived.

Graeco-Bactrian Rule

The Bactrian Greeks accustomed in Gandhara in 185 BC, about 50 years afterwards the afterlife of Ashoka. They were the decedents of Alexander the Great’s armies from Bactria (now Balkh, in arctic Afghanistan). They congenital Greek cities at Taxila and Pushkalavati (Charsadda) and alien their language, art and adoration in the country of Gandhara. Their accent lasted added than 500 years and their art and adoration had ample access on the Gandhara Civilization. The a lot of able of the Bactrian Greek adjudicator was Menander (mid-second aeon BC). The Graeco-Bactrian aphorism lasted for alone a century.

The Sakas

After the Graeco-Bactrian, Pakistan was disconnected into several baby Greek Kingdoms who fell casualty to the abundant beachcomber of Scythians (Sakas) who migrated on an all-encompassing scale. They were the nomads of Arctic Iran. Sakas overthrew the Greek rulers and accustomed their ascendancy all over Pakistan. The Sakas settlements were so all-inclusive that Pakistan came to be accepted as Scythia. Gandhara became the centermost of the Saka domains, and Taxila was alleged the capital. The Sakas or Scythians were tall, ample affected and angry warriors. They were baroque army and able in lance. Sakas were followed by the able Parthians from east of the Caspian Sea, in about 20 AD.

The Kushans

The Kushans from Axial Asia accustomed the Kushan Authority in Indus Valley. The third baron of this absolutism Kanishka was the a lot of acknowledged ruler. His reforms becoming him fame. Like his predecessors he aswell took alive absorption in Buddhism. Kushans fabricated Peshawar their capital. The Kushans aeon is advised the aureate age of Pakistan and brought abundant abundance and abundance to the arena with the development of the Silk Avenue to China. It came to be accepted as Kushana-shahar, the acreage of the Kushans. It was the Kushan kings who able the civic dress of shalwar(shirt), kamiz(trousers) and sherwani to Pakistan.

After Kanishka’s death, his breed bootless to accumulate the Authority intact. The aftereffect of which was that some of its locations were captured by Sassanians of Persia. In the 4th aeon a new absolutism of Kidar (little) Kushans came to ability and accustomed their basic at Peshawar. At added or beneath the aforementioned time Gupta Authority came in to ability in the adjoining country of India and annexed a all-inclusive breadth of the sub-continent yet it did not went above Sutlej and did not included Kashmir. So during the Gupta period, Pakistan was in the easily of Kushans and Sassanians.

White Huns

The Huns were the itinerant association of China’s western abuttals who afterwards acquisition Axial Asia and Iran invaded Pakistan from Axial Mongolia. Their chiefs were alleged ‘Khans’. The accurate annex of the Huns, which came to Pakistan, is accepted as Epthalite or White Huns. One of their boss rulers was Mehar Gul whose basic was Sakala (present Sialkot). They dead Buddhists and austere all the monasteries. Their acquisition absolutely alone the Gupta regime. The agent of majority of the Afghan-Pathan tribes and Rajput and Jat clans of Punjab and Sind, according to avant-garde scholars, are descendents from White Huns. The abatement of the Hun rulers resulted in actualization of petty kingdoms which acquired abasement in political, amusing and bread-and-butter action until Muslims came in the scene.

Arab Invasion

During the Rajput’s aeon in arctic India i.e., 7th to 12th aeon AD the ablaze of Islam penetrated into this allotment of the world. Islam accustomed in Pakistan from two directions, south and north. In 711 an Arab campaign beneath a 20 year old Syrian Muhammad Bin Qasim accustomed by sea to abolish piracy on Arab shipment and accustomed ascendancy of the sub-continent as far as arctic of Multan and congenital up a commonwealth of Al-Mansurah in Sind. Mohammad bin Qasim baffled Sind and disqualified it for about three years afore getting recalled and killed. Afterwards Mohammad Bin Qasim’s departure, Muslim aphorism got bedfast to Sind and southern Punjab only. However, from this aeon alee Pakistan was disconnected into two locations for a connected time; the arctic one absolute of the Punjab and NWFP and the southern one absolute of Multan, Sind and Balochistan beneath assorted Muslim rulers.

The Turks

In 10th aeon AD, Turkish descendents accepting their basic at Ghazni attacked this region. They migrated from axial Asia and played a arresting allotment in the political action of the sub-continent for about 200 years. The Ghaznavids, a Turkish absolutism which rose in Afghanistan, succeeded the Arabs and beneath the administering of Sultan Mahmud Ghaznavi, accustomed Muslim aphorism in the sub-continent. Sultan Mahmud of Ghaznah or Mahmud Ghaznavi, son of Turkish Baron of Ghazni namely Sabuktgin invaded Pakistan from the north. Gandhara, the Punjab, Sind and Balochistan all became allotment of the Ghaznavid Empire, which had its basic at Ghazni, in Afghanistan and afterwards at Lahore.

With the accession of Muslims Turks aswell came the Sufis and dervishes from Axial Asia, Iran and Afghanistan who through their teaching advance the bulletin of Islam all over the country. Some of them are Sheik Ismael, Syed Ali Hajveri, Ganj Shakar, Moeen-ud-Ajmeeri, Nizam-ud-Din Oliya, Baha-ud-din Zakiria and Khawaja Moeen-ud-din Chishti. It was due to these pious saints and Sufis that Islam advance to the absolute above of the sub-continent. The city-limits of Multan became acclaimed as the city-limits of Saints. Though Ghaznavid aphorism in Pakistan lasted for over 175 years but Mahmud did not annexed any breadth above Ravi. He contented himself with the annexations of the Punjab only. He was neither a bandit nor tyrant as accounting by some historians. His acceptability as a abundant angel of ability and abstract has remained undiminished to this date. It was beneath his advocacy that the able-bodied accepted ballsy Shahnama was accounting by Firdawsi.

The Ghaznavid Commonwealth came into action with the rulers of Ghor who destroyed the city-limits of Ghazna abbreviation it to ashes. Ghors were Oghuz Turks of Ghor in Afghanistan. Sultan Muhammad of Ghor and his bondservant abettor Qutb-ud-din Aybak raided sub-continent and captured Delhi in 1193. Ghori was a adventurous soldier and able ambassador but not as ablaze as Mahmud Ghaznavi. However, Ghori larboard a abiding appulse on the history of India. He is accounted to be a balmy and benovelant man and a just ruler. He had not any heirs. He accomplished his disciplinarian in warfare and administration. It was Aybak, one of his disciplinarian who became his almsman afterwards Ghori’s assassination in 1206.

After the afterlife of Ghori, his bondservant Qutab-ud-Din Aybak accustomed the aboriginal Turkish Bondservant Absolutism (1206-90), which lasted for over 300 years. Aybak was the a lot of trusted accepted of Muhammad Ghori and was accustomed the authoritative ascendancy of some of the baffled lands. He initially fabricated Lahore as the basic but afterwards confused to Delhi thatswhy the bondservant absolutism is aswell referred as the Sultanate of Delhi. About Aybak’s administration was abbreviate lived (5 years) and he was succeeded by nine added bondservant kings. Among his successors, his son-in-law, Iltutmish (1211-36), Raziyya Sultana (1236-1239) and Balban were the a lot of famous. Balban is remembered for his able centralized government. With his death, the absolutism beneath and the final draft came in a anatomy of a Jalaluddin Firuz Khilji. The Sultanate aeon brought the greater allotment of the sub-continent beneath its ascendancy and accustomed Muslim Aphorism on close grounds.

The Sultanate aeon aswell saw the acceleration and abatement of 4 added dynasties in accelerated succession: the Khiljis (1290-1320), the Tughlaqs (1320-1413), the Sayyids (1414-51), and the Lodhis (1451-1526). The Khiljis were Turks by agent but had resided in Afghanistan so connected that they were no best admired as Turks. They took ascendancy of the sub-continent in a anatomy of a coup. Among them the Alao-Din-Khilji, was the a lot of acclaimed as he had a abundant appulse on the history of India. He was efficient, artistic and able ruler. The Khilji Authority lasted for 30 years. The Khiljis were succeeded by the Tughluqs who circumscribed the Muslim aphorism and active the empire. The Tughluqs adequate the accessible works of account such as forts and canals and reestablished law and order. The Sayyids and the Lodhis followed next and their aphorism remained till 1526 if Babur founded the Mughal Empire.

The Mughals

‘Mughal’ is the Persian adaptation of the chat ‘Mongol’ from which we get the English chat ‘mogul’ acceptation ‘tycoon’. The Moguls were the endure of the Mongols. In the 16th century, Zaheeruddin Mohamed Babur, the aboriginal Mughal Emperor and a descendent of Tamerlane and Genghis Khan, raided the Punjab from Afghanistan and defeated Ibrahim Lodhi, at the celebrated action of Panipat and founded the Mughul Empire. Babur was succeeded by his son, Humayun in 1530. Humayun was ousted by the Sher Shah Suri, who disqualified the authority until his afterlife in 1545. Humayun who went into cocky banishment in Persia alternate and regained the arch in 1554 but died two years later. He was succeeded by his son Akbar. Akbar was the greatest of the Mughal Emperors and disqualified the longest period. He bigger the centralized authoritative arrangement and was a abundant angel of art and literature. Mughal art and architectonics accomplished its acme beneath Akbar’s son Jahingir reign, and afterwards beneath his grandson Shah Jahan. They larboard a ancestry of arresting mosques, palaces, tombs, forts and breadth which can still be apparent in Lahore, Multan, Jehlum and added places. Auranzeb succeeded Shah Jahan and who disqualified from 1658 to 1707. He was a pious man and an able administrator. With the afterlife of Auranzeb, the abundant Mughal Authority (1526-1857) disintegrated.

In 1739, Nadir Shah of Persia invaded the arena and afterwards his afterlife Ahmed Shah Abdali founded the commonwealth of Afghanistan in 1747. Afresh in the aboriginal 19th century, the Sikhs pushed the Afghans aback to the Khyber Pass. Ranjit Singh, the acclaimed Sikh baton fabricated Lahore his basic and disqualified from 1799 to 1839. The Sikh aphorism burst beneath the British and appropriately concluded the Muslim aphorism in the subcontinent. About it should be acclaimed that clashing Britishers “Muslim aphorism in India was accustomed by immigrant elite. The Muslims didn’t aphorism India from a abroad homeland, nor were they associates of a ascendant accumulation aural the Indian Amusing community”.

The British Period

The British accustomed as merchants with the British East India Aggregation at the alpha of the 17th aeon and gradually became complex in Indian backroom and finally, afterwards the action of Plassey in 1757, began to beat the sub-continent. By 1843, Sind was absolutely in their control. They defeated the Sikhs in 1845 and 1849 in Anglo-Sikh War.

After the Aboriginal War of Independence in 1857 (also accepted as the Sepoy Mutiny), the British Government took absolute ascendancy of Pakistan. This apparent the alpha of the British Raj (British Rule), and in the name of Queen Victoria the British connected to aggrandize their empire. Hunza on the Chinese bound was the endure breadth to abatement into British hands, in 1891; alone Afghanistan and some western a lot of areas of Pakistan connected to abide alfresco their control. They bound the Durand Line in 1893 to abstracted Pakistan from Afghanistan. The British had a able access on avant-garde Pakistan. They not alone alien their authoritative and acknowledged systems, but aswell brought with them their culture, language, art and architecture, some of which can still be apparent in Pakistan today.

The Attempt for Pakistan

After the bootless Aboriginal War of Independence in 1857, the British bent to abolish and abate the Muslims, whom they captivated mainly amenable for the uprising. Sir Syed Ahmed Khan (1817-98) fabricated one of the aboriginal attempts to restore Muslim cachet by founding the Aligarh Movement. Muslims formed a political affair with the name of Muslim League beneath the chairmanship of Nawab Salimullah Khan in 1906 at Dhaka. Yet it was alone if Jinnah affected the administering of Muslim League in 1936 that it became a dynamic, civic alignment of the Muslims.

In 1930, a Muslim artist and a philosopher Dr. Muhammad Iqbal proposed the conception of a abstracted Muslim accompaniment for those areas of the subcontinent with a Muslim majority. His angle was adopted by Muhammad Ali Jinnah, a British accomplished advocate and Pakistan’s aboriginal arch of state. This abstraction of a abstracted Muslim accompaniment in the sub-continent to be alleged Pakistan took the anatomy of a resolution adopted by the Muslim League in 1940 at its Lahore session. This was the Lahore resolution that came to be bargain accepted as Pakistan Resolution. The aesthetics on which it was based is alleged Two Nation Theory, which emphasized on the individuality of Hindus and Muslims advertence that these two nations accept their own civilization, culture, actual ancestry and adoration due to which they can not reside beneath a individual country. This provided the base for Pakistan.

The British accomplished that they would accept to abandon their authority aloft the sub-continent so on 20th February 1947; the British Prime Minister Mr. Lord Atlee appear that the British Government would duke over the ability of the sub-continent to its natives. It was assuredly agreed that the sub abstemious should be abstracted and the ability will be handed over to the two states at Independence on the mid-night of 14th and 15th August 1947. Appropriately the Muslims attempt beneath the activating administering of Muhammad Ali Jinnah bore fruit; the sub-continent won Independence from English and Pakistan was created as a absolute and absolute Muslim accompaniment on 14th August 1947.

It was absitively that Pakistan would comprise the eastern (present Bangladesh) and western (present Pakistan) wings of the country. The Muslims active in Indian arena had to drift to Pakistan. This clearing was accompanied by abhorrent abandon and action not to acknowledgment assorted problems of analysis Pakistan had to face in the easily of annoying Indians.

Independent Pakistan

The apple has consistently accepted two altered countries and cultures in the sub-continent; one based on the Sindhu or Indus (Pakistan) and the added on the Ganges Valley (India) accepted as Bharatvarta. The Sindhu country with its Harappan Acculturation had its ascendancy from Rupar on high Sutlej to the lower alcove of the Indus on the Arabian Sea, the breadth now covered by Pakistan. The Sindhu Acreage was consistently notable for its absolute existence, absolutely alone from Gangetic Valley or India.

Moreover, Pakistan as an absolute country consistently looked westward and had added cultural, bartering and political access with the Sumerian, Babylonian, Persian, Greek and Turks than with the Gangetic Valley. During the 5000 years of Pakistan’s accepted history, Pakistan remained allotment of India for a absolute aeon of 711 years of which 512 years were covered by the Muslims aeon and 100 years anniversary by the Mauryan (mostly Buddhist) and British periods. Pakistan had remained either absolute or allotment of admiral at west and its adapter to India was alone an exception.

This may be the acumen that there is almost any Hindu architectural access in Pakistan and instead of Hinduism; Islam shapes the lives of a lot of Pakistanis. Moreover, Hindus themselves accept consistently admired Yavanas (the citizenry of Pakistan) in those canicule as admixed and alfresco the banned of Aryandom. So Pakistan as a allotment of India is a anemic approach accepting no actual grounding. It was absolutely the acclaimed Two Nation Approach formulated by Iqbal and accomplished by Jinnah that led to the conception of Pakistan in 1947.


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[ii] Quoted in Age-old Cities of the Indus, Gregory L. Possehl (ed), Carolina Academic Press, New Delhi, 1979, pp. 105-107.


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